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>> Industry Experience

Domain Expertise

Our advisors have extensive experience and high competence in financial services and the payment industry within core banking, bank-as-a-service, digital payments, issuing and acquiring business and the entire payment eco-system.


We have experience from working with large and medium-sized Nordic and international banks, retailers, fintech, card networks, processing centers and software houses in the Nordics and globally.

We have in-depth understanding of the banking, card and payment landscape, value chains, technology and the new payment eco-system driven by Fintech and open banking and open finance.

Through many years in the payment industry, we have been part of an exciting journey in new technology, digitization and simplification of the customer journey that has turned the industry upside down. Products and services are put together in new ways, which in turn opens up opportunities for new players to access financial data and make payments through their own platforms on behalf of the customer, where the overall customer experience is in focus.

Core Banking

Market and product Insights in banking solutions helping banks, service providers and software vendors.

  • Retail & Corproate Banking

  • Lending and Deposit

  • Bill Payments

  • Instant Payments

  • Credit Management

  • Online & Mobile Banking

  • Digital Onboarding

  • Regulatory Reporting

  • Banking-as-a-Service

  • Local market requirements


Indepth knowledge and experience from payment eco-system supporting banks, fintech’s and retailers

  • Credit, Debit, Prepaid Cards

  • Domestic Cards

  • Wallet Payments

  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

  • Invoice Payments

  • Consumer Loans

  • Retail & SME Payments

  • Instant Payments

  • Domestic Payments

  • Cross-border Payments


We help banks, financial institutions, retailers and payment providers to enter local markets and launch new services in the Nordic region.

  • Card Payment Infrastructure

  • Global Card Network

  • Payment Gateways – All Payments

  • Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)

  • Interbank Clearing & Settlement (ACH)

Card Issuing

We have many years of experience from industry-leading card issuing solution and services and indepth knowledge about product and services.

  • Personal & Business Cards

  • Global Payment Cards

  • Domestic Payment Cards

  • Card Management

  • Expense Management

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Autorisation Management

  • Dispute management

  • Analysis and Reporting

  • Risk & Fraud Management

Merchant Acquiring

We have comprehensive experience and insight in the acquiring market, product and services, new players and stakeholders.

  • Online Checkout Payments

  • In-Store Payments

  • Mobile Payments

  • Debit and Credit Card Processing

  • Onboarding – Application Processing

  • Merchant Settlement

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • Analysis and Reporting

  • Risk & Fraud Management

  • PSD2 - SCA


We can help banks and service providers to analyse and adapt to global, EU and local compliance requirements.

  • Open Banking

  • Open Finance

  • Industry bodies

  • Financial regulatories

  • Risk Management

  • KYC & AML

  • PSD2 Regulations

  • Authority reporting

  • GDPR


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