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Advisory and Consulting Services

>> Business Skills

Advisory and Consulting Services

We have many years experience from business development, strategy,  businesss analysis and implementation of new product concepts and services in the Nordic region and EU in the payment industry and fintech with reference from large global companies, banks and startups.

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Market Insights

  • Payment market overview, trends, key players and offerings

  • Payment and Fintech market research and survey

  • Mapping of players - suppliers, partners and competitors


  • Develop business, marketing, and product strategies

  • Expansion and growth strategies

  • Quality assurance in M&A processes

Business Development

  • Investigate business opportunities,  product concept development and opportunity landscape

  • Combine new and existing product and services in new business models

  • Partner and collaboration models

Product Development

  • Analyse and define Product Content
    and Services

  • Define Value Proposition

  • Product plans and implementation

Program Management

  • Pre-study and requirements analysis

  • Pilot customer and MVP Products

  • Delivery project and rollout

Platform and Operation

  • Platform Selection and Transition

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Migrations & conversions

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